Microsoft have published the first VMs in Microsoft Azure for SharePoint 2016 Preview.

When you go over to  to start playing with the new SharePoint then you should keep following in mind:

The SharePoint VM is a single server install. It is a pure install of the binaries. No configuration wizard has been run and no supporting configuration has been performed. So you’ll need to get your hands a little dirtier before you can start having a proper play:

For the timid:

Run the configuration wizard, chose single server install, whack the SQL Express version onto the same box and play with the basics. But don’t come crying when not all features work and the server misbehaves more than you would expect from a preview.

For the more adventurous:

Build a SQL Server, Build a Domain Controller, setup a bunch of accounts (SPFarm, SPServices and SPWebApp as an absolute minimum) and run the configuration wizard choosing full farm and then specify the farm account and SQL Server

For the pro:

Install a DC and SQL, Setup all required accounts, Go to and download the latest version of autospinstaller onto the box. Configure the input.xml file with the accounts and passwords, SQL and urls. This file is also a great resource to check if you have forgotten to create an accounts such as the cache-superuser and cache-reader accounts which are so easily forgotten.