• Too many emails cluttering everybody’s inbox?
  • Staff can’t find the information they need to do their job properly?
  • Key knowledge is leaving your organisation every time a staff member changes jobs?
  • Don’t know which copy of a document is the latest and most up to date?
  • Spending hours reconciling other people’s input to document generation?
  • Taking days and weeks to get things approved around here?
  • Can’t share key files with suppliers because they’re too big for email?
  • Keep sending different versions of terms, brochures and information to customers because it’s too hard to know which one is the final version?
  • New starters feel lost and confused when they first join?


These are just some of the issues organisations face today. And the issues are not specific to any industry. Banking, Retail, Services, Not for Profit, Franchises, Insurance, Government, Manufacturing, Mining, just to name a few. All experience many of these pains in one form or another.

With the help of PTI Solutions you will be able to leverage cutting edge Intranet technologies that will enable your workforce to regain control of their productivity. We don’t believe in a single technology solution but instead identify the core needs of your organisation and recommend the best suited tool to solve your particular needs.

Tools that we support in include: SharePoint, Office 365, Elcom CMS and OpenText


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