At PTI Solutions we believe in the talent that lies within, especially within the new generation of graduates entering the workforce today. For that reason we are teaming up with Macquarie University in Sydney to offer a unique and exciting internship program for undergraduate students.

Semester 2, 2016 will a team of four students aim at achieving the ultimate app success: their own app published in one of the leading app stores (iTunes, Google Play, Windows store). Over 12 weeks the students will learn how to research their target market, create compelling value propositions, design go to market strategies, leverage each others’ talents, validate the app idea and ultimately design a prototype that could then be commercialised into a fully functioning app.  If the app is successful they will have the bragging rights of having published their own app in the app store, and depending on the go to market strategy even the opportunity to earn a share in the app revenue generated.

The internship will be exciting, challenging and rewarding and students will have the opportunity to learn & refine following skills:

  • Cross disciplinary team work
  • Customer segmentation
  • Market research
  • Value proposition design
  • Interview skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Story boarding skills
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Business analysis & software specification

How to Apply

To apply for this internship get in contact with your PACE officer at Macquarie and respond to the ad posted on the MQ careers website. Applications close 3 June 2016 for the semester 2 round. As part of your application you will also need to submit a 30s video that highlights your creativity, passion and drive.

30s Video Requirements

The video challenge: come up with an app idea that serves the kitten-lover audience. The more creative and unique the idea and presentation the higher the chances of being picked. The app need not be viable or even logical for that matter. The purpose of the video is to showcase out of the box thinking and your ability to consider the driving forces behind success and failure of an app.

The video needs to cover:

  • The specific niche that the app targets within the kitten lover segment
  • who the competition is and why the app is better than the competition
  • what the unique value proposition is that will keep people coming back to the app

Extra conditions: you need to feature in the video, and your voice needs to be audible. No voice overs.

Explainer Video Requirements

if you’re a graphic design student then you should submit a 30-60s explainer video instead of the 30s video. Using a free or trial account on, or you need to present the app idea (for kitten lovers) in a fashion that sells the idea to the audience. You can use Adobe After Effects or a similar tool as well if you’re more comfortable with that software.

to get some ideas for what explainer videos look like, visit and browse their sample videos.