PTI Solutions is a Sydney based consultancy specialising in mobile technology solutions for businesses. The smartphone has become indispensable for today’s generations and more and more businesses are realizing the need to incorporate mobile devices into their ongoing strategies. The way mobile solutions are changing businesses is two fold:
Firstly, through new products and product companions. Businesses are finding new ways to leverage mobile technology to better serve their customers. Here at PTI Solutions we help customers design and develop new apps that will help them build lasting value propositions and allow organisations to stand out from the crowd and maintain a competitive edge.
Secondly, within the workforce. At PTI Solutions we believe that planning for the use of mobile devices within the organisation needs to go beyond mere enforcement and control:
  • ICT strategies need to encompass the art of utilising mobile devices within business processes.
  • Processes will benefit from redesign by considering the now mobile workforce
  • Staff become more engaged and effective by utilising mobile enabled productivity solutions.
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