SharePoint 2016 Azure VMs available

Microsoft have published the first VMs in Microsoft Azure for SharePoint 2016 Preview.

When you go over to  to start playing with the new SharePoint then you should keep following in mind:

The SharePoint VM is a single server install. It is a pure install of the binaries. No configuration wizard has been run and no supporting configuration has been performed. So you’ll need to get your hands a little dirtier before you can start having a proper play: Read More


Intranet Project Management

If you have been through an Intranet implementation you will appreciate that implementing a successful Intranet project requires a unique set of skills. Several roles will need to work in unison to ensure the continued success of the platform.

The architect, The client side project manager, the implementation side project manager, the business analyst, the developer, the infrastructure specialist, and many more will come together to shape the new intranet experience for the organisation.

Often at the initial meet and greet I receive the question about what project management methodology to use. And I don’t have a silver bullet answer. Instead it always is “it depends…”

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